Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky

South Africa is widely known as a country that produces a lot of wonderful wines. Most people know that. But there’s also an award-winning whisky produced here.

Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky is distilled and matured at The James Sedgwick Distillery in the beautiful Bainskloof Pass in the Western Cape. Bain’s was named “The World’s Best Grain Whisky” at the annual World Whisky Awards in London in 2013.

Personally, I am no whisky lover, I tend to sip a little and then gladly return the glass to its owner. But Bain’s I like! It is, for being a whisky, light and smooth. A hint of vanilla and toffee. No tones of ashtray here (I see all the knowers of whisky raise their eyebrows now, but some whisky really do taste like ashtray)!

If you can get Bain’s in your country, congratulations! If not, and you’re visiting South Africa, I absolutely think you should try a glass of Bain’s. And please leave comments so we know what you think!


Brave little elephant

Imagine seeing this!

A young elephant in Zambia somehow became separated from his herd and then a flock of 14 female lions attacked the helpless animal. Clearly outnumbered, the brave little elephant managed fend off the attack even though he had no less than three lionesses on his back at one point!

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Wet and cold!

What happened?! With the weather? OK, so we’ve had a long and very dry winter, and we need the rain. But does it really have to be completely gray and raining more or less constant for several days in a row?

We tend to be spoiled with rainstorms that lasts between 1 and 2 hours and then it’s over. Usually with a glorious spectacle in the form of lightning and thunder. But now it has been going on since Saturday night!

It also becomes cold when it keeps on like this, we probably haven’t had more 20 degrees today. And it’s a cold 20 degrees … So here we sit with thick socks on and a blanket over our knees. All those things were packed away … it’s summer (well almost anyway)!


The thing is that although Johannesburg every summer gets quite large amounts of rain, the city is not equipped to cope with it. There will be floods, power outages, internet stops working, the cell phone reception becomes hopelessly bad, the newspaper can’t be delivered and traffic lights throughout the city give up – which, together with large amounts of water on the roads and some potholes that you have to zigzag between, creates nasty traffic problems in a city where driving in good conditions is trying your patience.

Unfortunately, the prognosis is not very uplifting either … next week seems to be cold and wet. I guess it’s time to rescue the pots with the lettuce from the balcony before they float away, and then just curl up on the couch. Well, at least we don’t have snow! 🙂