Meet crazy Tong from China

On a bench at Africa’s most southerly point, Cape Agulhas, we met Tong. Three years ago Tong quit his job as a computer engineer in China, hopped on his bike and left. We’re not qute sure which route he took to get there, but during the last year he has cycled through Africa, from Egypt to South Africa. So there he sat preparing some food.


And now that he’s come as far south as he can, he’ll cycle along the Garden Route and then …well, Europe maybe … 🙂

It’s very cool to just leave like that and live your dreams, but surely one has to be a little crazy. Right?

Have anyone else met or seen Tong along his travels? Please leave a comment and keep us posted!

Cape Aghulas is by the way a very nice destination for a day trip and one of the places in South Africa you need to go to get that classic photo. And it’s kind of fun to say that you have been to Africa’s southernmost point. If you want you can pay R24 to get up into the lighthouse, it’s probably a beautiful view from there, but we chose to stay on the ground since we were in a bit of a hurry.

L’Agulhas is the small fishing village with beautiful fishing boats in the harbour, just north of the cape, and this is Africa’s southernmost village.


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