To lower yourself down a mountain…

We’ve been so busy these last few months, which is wonderful of course, but it leaves little time for anything else. So it’s been a long time since you heard from us here.

My boyfriend Wayne and I did however take some time off to try abseiling, what an awesome adventure.

A Sunday in the middle of September we headed south from Wayne’s hometown Krugersdorp, to Parys, a small town situated about 100-150 km away. We had an early start and when we arrived we were met by our guide.

To come down you must first go up, so we had to walk up to the top of the old quarry where it all happen. From the top it was 45 meters to the bottom, it may not sound like much but once you are up there, it feels like…pretty much…

We were given a safety briefing and some instructions and then it was time to go. Wayne had the pleasure to start…and he made it down in a rather composed and dignified way. I didn’t feel so tough anymore when my turn arrived. The very first section was the scariest; it takes some guts to lean out over the edge and trust that you’re safe! But once I dared to lean back and rely on the harness and ropes to hold me, it went really well. And it was fun! 🙂

Wayne finished it all with a dip in the dam down below, I was not as brave – perhaps mostly because I had neither swimwear nor a change of clothes with me. Sorry, no pictures guys 😉

We had a wonderful day and we both left Parys with big smiles on our faces. Now that we’ve had a taste of a slightly more adventurous experiences, we will definitely make more room for that in the future!

Until next time!