We are Julina_och_julialia and Lina, we come from Sweden, and have been running the travel company Destination South Africa since 2007 and we have loved every moment. This is our blog, where you can get a peek into South Africa, laugh and be amazed, be inspired and dream away! We share our personal impressions of, experiences of and thoughts on what it’s like to live in South Africa.

You will get a little of everything, both large and small topics. We might write about nature and the incredible wildlife, about the wonderful people and daily encounters. About adventure and activities, day tours and travels. About restaurants, bars and shops. About the food! About the country’s history and current events. About all of the wonderful weirdness that makes South Africa so special … We will write about South Africa, of course, but also the other countries in southern Africa. Maybe we can inspire you to plan a trip, or at least offer a laugh and a bit of “feel good moments”.

When we first came to South Africa, back in 2000, we had no idea what awaited us. We would spend six months at the University of Potchefstroom, a small town about 130 km outside of Johannesburg, where we would complete our thesis work at the end of our studies to become chemical engineers.We fell completely in love with South Africa and all it has to offer, and after our first stay in South Africa we spent a lot of time in the country, on several occasions. Eventually we decided to use our love for, and knowledge of, South Africa for something that others could benefit from. And that is how Destination South Africa was born.

Today, Julia lives permanently in South Africa, in Lonehill in northern Johannesburg, while Lina has chosen to split her time between South Africa and Sweden.

We hope that you will enjoy following our blog and we look forward to your comments. Have a nice day!

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