Lately we have – even if it has been a while – told you a lot about our trip to Cape Town. And we will surely have some more small treats from there, Cape Town really is full of wonerful experiences.

The trip to Cape Town had been planned a long time, but we added one more thing that we wanted to do while we were there. We threw in a small wedding 🙂

My Freddy proposed inside the Kruger National Park last August, at sunset by a dam full of hippos. Absolutely perfect… We knew early on that we wanted a small wedding, not a big spectacle that shrinks the bank account and makes you stress, and we agreed that combining a wedding with our trip to Cape Town was a very good idea. The only guest was Lina, who was also the bridesmaid, best man, ring bearer and our right-hand

In 2013 I helped a Swedish couple who wanted to get married in South Africa and I put them in touch with Weddings out of Africa who helped them with everything and they got married on top of Table Mountain. When we saw the pictures, I think both Freddy and I quietly thought that this might be it (but by then it was too early to talk about marriage).

We also asked Kirsty at Weddings out of Africa for help and we  too chose to get married on top of Table Mountain. There are some paperwork that needs to be sorted out before you can get married in South Africa and I will soon write a post and tell you exactly what is needed and how to proceed. If you are marrying a South African like I did, you must nowadays also go for an interview at the Department of Home Affairs.

So we booked a time, two days before the wedding, and the interview was a strangely unpleasant experience. I never thought it would be so hard to explain why you love someone, or answer any other questions, but despite my stuttering we were considered to be a genuine couple and we got permission to get married.

On February 25 the day had come and I had the pleasure of being prettified by a real pro who came “home” to us. If anyone ever needs someone who can do your hair and makeup I can really recommend Bernice Dodd.

Unfortunately a big fat cloud, the famous table cloth, decided to park right on top of the mountain and we couldn’t have the ceremony there, so we had it at the foot of the mountain instead but that was very nice too. After the ceremony, and the mandatory paperwork, we went to Signal Hill and Glen Forest with photographer Jilda G, she too is amazing.

The evening ended at the restaurant we chose – The Roundhouse Restaurant that offers really great food!

I’m super pleased with our day and very happy.

Mrs. Lindgren-King 🙂


Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

Last week beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden was rewarded “Garden of the Year” at the International Garden Tourism Awards. And it really deserves it! Those of you who have been there know what I’m talking about and those of you who haven’t really should make sure to have it on your list the next time you visit Cape Town.

Kirstenbosch is located on the slopes of Table Mountains and covers an area of ​​528 hectares and consists of landscaped gardens with indigenous plants and trees, as well as natural forest that stretches along the slopes. It has been estimated that there are 20 000 indigenous plant species in South Africa and of these you can find 4 700 at Kirstenbosch, and almost 50 percent of the flora at the Cape Penininsula is represented. There are plenty of paved trails that meander through the garden.

Although you may not have a big interest in the flora of the Cape, it’s still a perfect place to enjoy a picnic. That’s exactly what we did … We packed us a lovely picnic and headed off to Kirstenbosch on a wonderfully sunny morning just to enjoy all the beauty that the garden offers.

We laid our blankets out under a giant oak tree that offered much needed shade, albeit at the risk of being hit by acorns but it was worth it, and with geese and guinea fowl walking around next to us.

If you are interested in birds, you can have lots of fun at Kirstenbosch. Our goal was to see and photograph the Orange-Breasted Sunbird, the Lesser Double-collared Sunbird and the Cape Sugarbird. However, we had to settle with just hearing the Cape Sugarbird… Next time!

Recently the so-called The Boomslang opened at Kirstenbosch. This is a walkway that goes high up among the treetops and offers wonderful views of the botanical garden and its surroundings. If you visit Kirstenbosch on a Sunday, during the summer, there are concerts that are very popular.

Kirstenbosch is open until 19:00 in summer and 18:00 in winter. Entry fee is now R50 per adult and R25 for children under 17 years.

Sunset Beach

We’ll continue on the theme of sunsets, it’s hard to get enough of them… 🙂 We had one of our evenings at Sunset Beach in Milnerton north of Cape Town. We made it very easy for us, bought pizza and drinks of your choice and sat down and waited for the sun to go down.

Simple pleasure with wonderful memories!